a better day

Well to day has been a much better day.  Iv been working on my new design


top                IMG00674-20110811-1317

it is currently written as a toe up pattern but i will be writing it as a top down as well, .   i want it to be available to all.if i can work out the maths i will include sizing for a man.  But that will probably be a separate pattern   Fiona will also have a ‘sister’ again that will be written as both a toe up and a top down.

i also got my yarn back from my friend (the wonderful person she is brought it round. i transfered a play project over to another set of needles and cat on



its a lovely soft yarn and im loving using it .


well im going to sit and drink a cuppa watch the rest of harry potter and the order of the phoenix and get on with my kitting


Have a good weekend all 


a Bad Phase


Im not having a good time at the mo.

  I finished the test knit on one of my new designs and am really happy with it went to start the test knit on the second design but couldn’t find the yarn i want for it  i can find the ball band but no the yarn!  I know it part wound into a ball, but at a total loss as to where i put it. so decided to try it on some yarn iv had for ages but not sure what i wanted to knit with it only to discover that after the ribbing and part of the pattern it wasn’t going to work as the gauge was totally off. (I REALLY NEED THAT OTHER YARN!!)

I then went to start on my next  submission only to realise i had left the yarn for it at my friends house, i need to pick it up but hubby is working stupid hours and it would mean at least a 3 our walk to pick it up.  not a pleasing thought. 

I then went back to the yarn that didn’t work for the socks and decided i was going to make something for me.  This isnt something i normally do, My kitting tends to be test knits for my new designs or sample knits for them.  So i decided i was going to do something for me, i checked the yardage and had a look through ravelry. Went onto one of my groups for one skein projects and found a nice shawl and cast on, the pattern looed really easy so after scanning it and seeing what stitch count i need to get to before the lace part i got to knitting only to discover i had missed a couple of increases 20 rows back!!!!  so i ripped it back and just wound it back onto the ball and put it away.

Now i dont know what to do i want to knit but cant seem to settle on it, thought of spinning as i want to play with my new silk Noli i got but not 100% sure on how to do it.  I know i want to spin it in with the Merino  have but dont know whether to dye the Merino  first or spin it white with the coloured silk running through it. 


iv really lost my mojo gonna have a cuppa and some bacon muffins and veg see what happens.

Design studios

ooo what a fun few days its been!!!

since February iv been hunting for a design program to help with charting my patterns.  now the are loads of really good programs out there, but i came up against 3 stumbling blocks

1. The Price

All have been coming in around the $200  this was waaaaaay out of my price range

2. Ease of Use

what the designers of some of these programs seem to forget is that either some people arnt that savvy with computers or most importantly we DONT ALL HAVE DEGREES IN ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!!!


3. Not Notebook compatible

i was finding that the older programs were not compatible with using on a notebook.  Any pattern longer than about 12 rows and you couldn’t scroll down to the lower rows to design them.


Well my search came to an end this week when i discovered  Envisioknit



It soo simple to use decide how many rows, stitches you want and it draws the basic chart for you.  Click on the drop down menu on the right to select what stitch you want, then on the tools at the top to determined the way you want to enter the stitch on to the chart. then just click away changing stitches as you want.  the option of basic stitches is huge cables, bobbles, texture stitches, increases and decreases, even cast on and cast off can bee added.  Should you find there isnt a stitch you want then you just go in to the custom stitch option and design your own! 

you can then export it to a word document where it has the chart, the legend, the stitch glossary and my favourite bit… The written instructions for the chart!!!

more into fair isle? no problem, instead of different stitches you can have different colour yarns, you can name the yarns and alter the colours and this will come out in the written instructions and the legend.

This program fixed all 3 of the problems i had had come across with other programs, reasonable price, easy to use, and totally viewable on my notebook. 


I’d like to thank the designer of this program she is a total goddess, and as a  bonus she is a real person that listens to the people that use her program. listening to what we think will improve the program for future users.  All to often once the program is out the the developer doesn’t really care to much as to what the real people using the program thinks. 


i have found this a totally pleasant experience and if you are a designer or even if you prefer to work from charts and the pattern is only in written form, this is a definite must have.

Click on the above link and try it out  the FREE demo for yourself. 

New patterns

evening all, well yes technically  its morning but hey who cares really?? its evening somewhere in the world right???!!!


just wanted you all to know iv just added 3 new patterns to my site..





Mystery Mug cozy

of course im not going to add a picture, it wouldnt be mystery then would it!!!!


Mug cozy 2




in the next few days il be adding some yarn especially done for the mug cozies


Have fun everyone!!!!

im On etsy!!

wow what a fun day iv had!! 


Last Sunday i went with 2 of my BKFF to Fibre East and had a GREAT time. 

I bought (amongst other things) a Fleece.  its was 1.2kg (2.70lbs) of unwashed and slightly smelly mule fleece.  i purchased it from The Farm Animal Sanctuary.  who Currently care for 450 sheep, 7 cattle, 5 pigs, 12 horses and ponies and a varied assortment of poultry.  i plan to make this my first place to look for fleeces when i need them.

I decided this was going to be my ‘holiday’ project  as i was going to be on holiday for 2 weeks i figured this would be a good thing to do.  but me being me i couldn’t ait!!!  i went out and after some tea drinking and gossip at the Range cafe with Mara i got some laundry bags and Rubber gloves.  I headed home to wash the fleece.  after several washes and a maon from my DS15 of ‘MUM it smells of sheep and famyards!!!  (what he expected it to smell of i have no idea!!)  it was sitting in the sun to dry, with plans to play with it on my holiday. 


well that didnt last and today i got several hand fulls of the fleece………


…….dyed it with Kool Aid on my stove.  (i will do a video tutorial on this it is sooo FAST and easy!!)…….



……..left it to dry in the sun, which eventually came out an hour after i put the dyed fleece out on the table,  I thought at one piont it was going to rain, but thankfully it stayed dry…….




……. hand picked it in to lovely soft clouds keeping some of the crimpy locks………



and spun it into a super fun thick and thin art yarn. 



than put it up on Etsy to sell!!



go take a look . 


i plan to do some more spinning i have 100g of  100% silk to spin on my new baby drop spindle, some Alpaca, which is going to eventually become a cowl with a beautiful ceramic button that i bought.  as welll as some hand painted roving which is hopefully going to become sock yarn, and a batt that i did myself. im using this to practice my lace spinning on my baby drop spindle, before i let me loose with the silk!!!!


im so sorry for the delay in announcing this.  Things have been a little off this past couple of weeks. but i have got the winners.


the observant amongst you will notice i have said winners, and not winner. The reason for this is, me being a total yarn head, and being so excited at the time of doing the original post forgot to add in the second. 

there are 2 ways to win

1) Just for entering (cool eh?)  PRIZE – a ball of homespun yarn and a pattern to go with it

2) The winning name  PRIZE- a package of goodies. we all like a suprise right?


ok so drum rolllllllll……………………………….

Winner of the entry draw is………. MOMMAKNITS

Winner of the name is……………..…Liz Suarez    (myknittedheart) who suggested Nima




Email me your addresses and your packets will be on their way to you soon . 




thank you all for entering xxxxxxx